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Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Continental Breakfast at Renaissance Montgomery Hotel and Convention Center Auditorium

0750 – 0755

Welcome, Overview and Administrative Remarks:

n  Mr. Brian Knott, President, Montgomery AFCEA Chapter

0755 – 0800

Welcome: Honorable Todd Strange, Mayor, Montgomery, AL and Commissioner Elton Dean, Montgomery County Commissioner

0800 – 0825

Mr. Richard Aldridge, Program Executive Officer - Business and Enterprise Systems (PEO BES) and Director of the AFLCMC Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate (AFLCMC/HI)

0825 – 0850

Brigadier General Michael J. Schmidt, Program Executive Officer - Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence and Networks (PEO-C3I&N)

0850 – 0930

Keynote Address - Major General Sarah Zabel, Director of Information Technology Acquisition Process Development in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition

0930 – 0950


0950 – 1030

PEO BES & AF Logistics Success Story (ILS-S), Mr. Tony Nicholson, USAF Program Manager - ILS-S Re-platform (AFLCMC/HIAR), Mr. Paul Saladna, Lead Engineer, NTT Data

1030 – 1110

Keynote Address - Mr. William Marion, Deputy Chief Information Dominance and Deputy CIO, (SAF/CIO A6)

1130 – 1300 

Montgomery AFCEA Chapter Education Foundation Annual Luncheon (Exhibit Hall)

n  Ms. Charisse Stokes, Dir, Education Foundation, Montgomery AFCEA

n  Col Kyna McCall, Vice President, Montgomery AFCEA Chapter

1320 – 1440

SAF A1/A4/FM/MG Roadmap Briefings / Discussions

n  Moderator – Ms. Tonya Lambert, AFLCMC/HI

n  A1 – Col Kjall Gopaul, A1/AFPOA

n  A4 - Ms. Aspasia Wooldridge, HAF/A4PA

n  FM - Mr. John Koski, SAF/FM

n  MG - Col Corey Brunson, SAF/MG

1440 – 1520

GE Aviation – Digital Transformation

Mr. Mark Banks – Vice President, Digital Product Management, GE Aviation

Mr. Todd Stiefler – General Manager, Military Digital Solutions, GE Aviation

1520 – 1540


1540 – 1620

Keynote Address – Ms. Lauren Knausenberger, SAF/A6, Director Cyberspace Innovation

1620 – 1700

Keynote Address - Major General Kim Crider, Air Force Chief Data Officer and Mobilization Assistant to the Under Secretary of the Air Force

1700 – 1705

Daily Wrap-Up:

n  Mr. Bob Frye, Alabama Information Technology Consulting

n  Mr. Bill Stevenson, Stevenson Consulting

1730 – 1930

Social: Alabama Ballroom, Renaissance Montgomery Hotel

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

0730 – 0755

Continental Breakfast at Renaissance Montgomery Hotel                                            

0755 – 0800

Administrative Remarks: Mr. Brian Knott, President, Montgomery AFCEA Chapter

0800 – 0930

Common Computing Environment (CCE) - Common Services, Automation, Current Status, Plans Panel

n  Moderator – Col Robert King - AFLCMC/HNI

n  Isobar – CCE Lead Integrator and AWS Architecture lead

n  AIS – CCE Azure Architecture lead 

n  MITRE – Core CCE Architecture and Process Support

n  Akamai – CCE Delivery, Security and Identity (GCDS)

0930 – 1000


1000 – 1125

Cloud Migration Lessons, Status, Plans Panel

n  Moderator – Major Theodore Erickson – AFLCMC/HNII

n  Kiran Chittargi (Leidos)

n  Sam Brabham (eSA)

n  Mike Chase (Smartronix)

1125 – 1145 

Daily Wrap-Up:

n  Mr. Ken Heitkamp, Heitkamp Consulting

n  Dr. Joe Besselman, Disruptive Technologies

1145 - 1200

Conference Lessons and Actions and Closing Remarks:

n  Mr. Brian Knott, President, Montgomery AFCEA Chapter

1300 – 1700

PEO BES Scheduled Events

n  PEO BES - PEO/CEO Conference (By Invitation Only) (Renaissance Ballroom A)

n  PEO BES – Vendor Industry Day (Renaissance Convention Center Auditorium)

1700 – 2000

Social:  The Alley Bar, 166 Commerce St, Montgomery, AL

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